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Bien-Air has been offering Swiss made quality instruments in ENT and Neurosurgeries since its creation in 1959. With its very best of technologies and advanced manufacturing processes, qualities of its instruments are guaranteed at the highest level with precision, reliability and ergonomics as its core development.



“Exceptional ease of use, perfectly balance…”


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The reputable S120 shaver handpiece with integrated micromotor, along with reusable shaver blades is designed to be extremely simple to use under high-precision operation.



The S120 shaver handpiece has been designed around a single concept: to make the instrument extremely simple to use, so that the surgeon can forget the tool and concentrate on the operation itself.





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RAPIDO Micromotor has a remarkable torque, up to 40 mNm, which facilitates cutting or shaping of bones and hard tissues. It is suitable for lengthy surgery particularly neurosurgery that requires powerful instruments. Its directional auto-ventilation guarantees stable performance and comfortable use up to 80,000 rpm.





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Weighing only 80 g, NANO micromotor is notable for its light-weight, ergonomic and extremely low noise designs. Excellent handling and controlling of NANO is guaranteed due to its reduced size and weight. Its ultra-precise control and state-of-the-art performance make it the surgeon’s tool par excellence.



With 51% lighter and 37% shorter of the new PM2 handpieces series, handling of the instruments have never been better. Bien-Air PM2 line offers handpieces that are compatible with NANO and RAPIDO micromotors.







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The PM2 PERFO handpiece offers great torque to master even the hardest and thickest sleeves. Its ergonomical designation, perfect handling control, and great power output are what you can benefit from it. Its Hudson attachment design ensures compatibility with all perforator tools of this type.




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Bien-Air offers detachable cranio guards that allows you to attach the guard of your choice that suits your operation. The security of the micromotor/handpiece/craniotomy assembly is guaranteed with its unique locking system, ensuring zero vibrations with greater precision and ease of use. Each cranio guard is integrated with precise irrigation via two nozzles at the end of each guard. 


The new generation of PM2 handpieces are up to 51% lighter and 37% shorter than conventional handpieces. Comfort handling of the handpiece is guaranteed.

With its integrated irrigation system, the handpiece is cooled during lengthy procedure while ensuring perfect visibility and handling. The new handpieces are compatible with Bien-Air NANO and RAPIDO micromotors. 





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The OSSEODUO is a control unit that specifically designed for bones shaping and soft and hard tissues resection during surgical operations, particularly used for ear, nose, throat surgery; maxillofacial surgery; otoneurologic surgery; stapedotomy and ossiculoplaty; spinal surgery and neurosurgery. It comes with 3 operating modes for selection: shaver, drill or OSSEOSTAP.